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Save your money and give these a miss. They might contain all sorts of herbs and wonderful sounding ingredients but at the end of the day they'll just make your wallet lighter and your dick will remain the same size. At best, they will boost your flaccid size but they won't have any effect on erect size. They can also contain some ingredients that can damage the kidneys and liver. If you really want to maintain a better performing penis then simply follow a healthy diet and get enough exercise.

Penis Stretchers

Also known as extenders, these are mechanical devices that are attached to the flaccid penis and apply a continual stretching pressure.

Stretchers have been found to add length to the penis in both the flaccid and erect states in a study published in the British Journal of Urology International. In the study, the stretchers were worn for four hours per day for up to a year.

Stretchers work in the same way that jelqing does, by stretching and stressing the tissues and soft muscle in the penis. With the extender, however, you don't have to do any of "work", you simply wear it. This might sound easy, but the downside is that you have a mechanical contraption flopping around in your trousers. They can be uncomfortable and occasionally they have been known to malfunction and fall off, with much embarrassment (and guffaws from onlookers) ensuing.

Stretchers can also cut off circulation to the head of your penis, so it's important to only wear them for the recommended amount of time. Likewise, the pressure they exert can be adjusted and it's important not to start with too much force too soon.

All up, they are a viable alternative to jelqing but it comes down to the question of whether you are happier doing 15 mins of jelqing exercises a day or wearing an extender for four hours.

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Further Jelqing Information

This website is provided not as a complete penis enlargement program but as guidelines for men wishing to evaluate jelqing as a method of enlargement. Consult with a provider of proven and safe techniques before embarking on any jelqing routines.

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